Danae Cowan

Middle School Bible and English

“I say to the Lord, ‘You are my Lord;  I have no good apart from you.’”
Psalm 16:2

Ms. Cowan joined City First Christian Academy in 2019. Prior to joining CFCA she served in a variety of roles working with students, including serving as a Student Ministries Intern in Portland Christian Schools. Ms. Cowan graduated from Multnomah University with a BA in Biblical/Theological Studies and a second major in Educational Ministries. She loves knowing that each student has something to teach her and looks forward to helping students discover the gifts God had given them. 

In the classroom, students will spend time memorizing Scripture, studying the characteristics of Jesus, and learning how to read and understand God’s Word. They will also have the opportunity to wrestle with tough topics in our culture, learning how to approach these topics with a biblical worldview.  

Ms. Cowan drove all the way across the country by herself to live in North Carolina for a year! She loved that drive and would love to take another long-distance road trip. Her road trip essentials include goldfish crackers, Andrew Peterson music, and plenty of small-town pitstops! 

“I want students to leave with an awareness of how the gospel can impact each area of their lives. I want them to become more aware of the love of Jesus toward them, a love that wants to flow out of them into the lives of others.”