Student Life: Academic + Spiritual

City First Christian Academy is more than a school—it’s a community that offers stability, encouragement, structure, friendship, school spirit, fun and prayerful support. Our Warriors receive well-rounded curriculum through our exceptional academic program, which integrates Christian faith into every aspect. It is an environment where depths of character are explored, and love and integrity are both taught and expected.

Students who attend CFCA:

  • Discover a relationship with God
  • Develop a lifestyle of growth
  • Deploy their gifts through serving
  • Demonstrate God’s love to the world

We cultivate these through:

  • School-wide character curriculum
  • Weekly chapel service
  • Student Chapel worship team
  • Community service activities

Character Curriculum

We encourage parents to join us in the process of instilling positive character in our students through a biblically-based curriculum that includes a priority for valuing all people and much more. We want to establish in children how to have Godly character and to exemplify God in their actions every day.

Our three-year Character Curriculum cycle introduces one new character trait each month. The topic is discussed in class, chapel, on the playground, in the lunchroom and is highlighted in our Work, Care, Serve Program. Every grade discusses the same scripture and talks about the principles.

Preschool through Elementary: Students have a monthly memory verse that goes along with the character trait for the month. By having students memorize the verse for the entire month, they retain the verse in long-term memory.

Middle through High School: Students review the same character trait in Bible class, along with class commentaries.

Parents: Parents can find the Character Curriculum theme in the teacher’s regular update, which includes the character trait your child is learning, the verse they are memorizing, and discussion points. Our hope is that you will take an opportunity to connect with your child about the character trait and share a story from your own life of when you learned a valuable lesson related to each topic and how God guided you through it. In Deuteronomy, Moses is talking to the children of Israel and instructs them to teach their children to love the Lord and follow Him. He says to tell your children stories to “Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up (Deuteronomy 6:7).” Children love to hear their parents tell stories! What better way to help your child learn about the heart of God than through conversation and your own life lessons?

We hope you will partner with us in this process and engage your child at home!

Weekly Chapel

At City First Christian Academy, each student attends weekly Chapel, where the values and stories of God’s love are shared by staff members and friends from the school and community. Parents, grandparents and legal guardians are welcome to attend Chapel with your students.

Chapel Times:
Wednesdays – Varying Times

Elementary School (grades K – 5)

Small class sizes and an interactive curriculum provide an environment for hands-on learning and academic excellence, from a Biblical worldview. We don’t want to just educate your child—we want to inspire them! We teach academic skills and proficiency and how to apply those skills in their daily life, at home and in the community. We believe our young Warriors are the future and are capable of making a great impact on the world and the lives they touch. Our goal is to help your child solidify a confident identity and firm foundation for which they can become the best they are meant to be. Along with traditional core academic subjects, students receive instruction in physical education, music and technology, some of which are no longer available at other schools. Our young Warriors excel in all areas and continue to record above-average scores on annual achievement tests.

Elementary School Benefits:

  • Biblical base for all academic subjects and weekly Chapel service
  • Small class sizes that provide students the personal attention they need to succeed
  • Early identification for personal academic needs and individualized education plans
  • Interactive and intuitive learning experiences, such as field trips, 5th Grade Outdoor School, Science Fair, as well as music, art, library and technology classes
  • Speech pathologist available to assist students
  • Full-day kindergarten
  • Music and technology
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Before and after school care

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Our middle school students benefit form an educational program that’s Biblically based, develops character, builds community and enables solid academic proficiency. Along with traditional core academic subjects, middle school students receive instruction in physical education, music, technology and Spanish. Our core subjects are interactive and interwoven with the absolute best that we can offer our Warriors to prepare them for their future. Public and private high schools in our community consistently offer us accolades, acknowledging how prepared our middle school graduates are when they leave our program. Academically, our students excel in all areas and continually record above-average scores on annual achievement tests—the majority of our graduating eighth-grade students post scores in the 75th-100th percentile in both reading and math.

Middle School Benefits:

  • Small class sizes
  • Biblical base for all academic subjects and weekly Chapel service
  • Pre-AP level instructional strategies
  • Technology for the most efficient educational experience and to prepare them for what’s ahead
  • Interactive history classes that inspire and engage students, so they can better influence our tomorrow
  • Engaging quarterly electives, including CSI forensics, aeronautics, photography, cooking/baking, movie critique and more
  • Leadership opportunities, such as Student Council and ACSI Competitions, Spelling Bee and Science Fair
  • Competitive athletics, such as basketball, volleyball and track and field
  • Field Trips that explore our community and the world
  • Music and advanced band and choir