Home of the Warriors

At City First Christian Academy, students have the opportunity to compete on athletic teams in volleyball, basketball and track and field for those in grades 5-8.

Sports Seasons

  • Fall: Volleyball
  • Fall/Winter: Girls Basketball
  • Winter: Boys Basketball (Calendar)
  • Spring: Track (co-ed) (Calendar)

The primary purpose of the athletics program is to further the mission of the school to enable young people to discover their relationship with God, develop a lifestyle of growth, deploy their gifts through serving, all while demonstrating God’s love to our world. We work to develop our athletes not only physically, emotionally and socially, but encourages the growth of our students’ personal relationship with Jesus.

We believe that athletics also provide an opportunity for young people to face challenges and issues that are prevalent in society today. We enable students to manage situations, such as working as part of a team and comprehending topics like maintaining a biblical worldview in the midst of competition.

Our athletes learn to use the Bible as their “road map” for life when they deal with success and failure on the playing field. Students are then able to carry this practiced ability with them throughout their lives.

Learn more about academic eligibility here.