A Christian High School Experience

The Eugene Springfield area needs a Christ-centered high school option. We’re excited to offer that to our community. We have the vision to provide the same, high-quality education experience from preschool through high school. There is over 22,000 sq ft that houses these classrooms. 

We are still moving with the vision of the new building on West 11th! This is not to deter us from that vision of the brand new building, but we feel God moving us to expand now because of the great need for a Christian high school in this community. The new space across the street will allow more options for our current students as well in terms of new elective possibilities and space for parents to gather and fellowship together.


Our plan is to open slowly, starting with 9th and 10th grade, and then expand to 11th grade in 2023 and to 12th grade in 2024.

Small Class Sizes Help Focus

We believe smaller class sizes minimize distractions from learning and allow for personalized help from teachers. Students can expect to engage in high-quality, classroom learning with experienced and passionate teachers. Students will have the opportunity to have a robust range of subject-based learning with several elective options to grow their passions and interests.


Below are all costs as compared with our other educational offerings. We provide this to you to easily see the cost savings for enrolling multiple children.

 GRADE  1st Student  2nd Student  3rd Student  4th and On
 Preschool Half Day  $3,250  $3,006  $2,781  $2,572
 Preschool Full Day  $6,500  $6,013  $5,562  $5,144
 Grades K-5  $6,920  $6,401  $6,451  $5,477
 Grades 6-8  $7,540  $6,975  $6,451  $5,968
 Grades 9-10  $8,950  $8,279  $7,658  $7,084
 Annual Fee  $450  $450  $450  $450
  1. Annual Fee is a yearly non-refundable charge for student curriculum and materials
  2. Enrollment fees remain $450 per student. We understand that paying enrollment fees on top of current tuition can be difficult so you can secure your child’s spot in their classroom by putting down just the first $100 of the enrollment fee and working out a payment plan with Mrs. Ranch for the remainder to be due June 1st.
  3. Take advantage of $100 off per family when enrolling early.
  4. Families must be current on tuition in order to enroll early.

Next Steps

If you have questions about the enrollment process or would like assistance, please contact Jennie Ranch via email or call 541-686-8655.