Before + After School Care

Because we know that students often need care before and after school, City First Christian Academy offers a fun and engaging, tuition-based program for your children, based on your family’s needs.

To register your student today, contact Jennie Ranch at

Monthly Hours Cost
Hourly Rate $10
1-14 hours $90
15-22 hours $135
23-33 hours $195
34-42 hours $260
43-52 hours $345

Before and after school tuition fees are non-refundable. Billing cycles go out the 20th of every month and tuition payments are due on the 1st of the following month. A late fee of $25 will be assessed on the 11th. No care will be provided during Christmas Break or Spring Break. Exceeding the allotted hours for a purchased package will result in an hourly charge or the option to increase current package.

Registration Policies

  • Any unpaid tuition balance that remains after the 20th of the month will cause the enrolled child tobe suspended from attending until the balance is paid.
  • Unused hours are not carried over to the next month. However, if you anticipate a loss of hours or need to rearrange your schedule during any given month, you may arrange the change in your child’s schedule with staff as long as you do not go over your hourly tuition bracket. These schedule variances do not need to be reported to the administrative office and should be prior-arranged with the staff, subject to availability.
  • Families who are late to pick up their child past 5:05 p.m. will incur a $25 flat rate late fee for every occurrence. The only exception to this rule is a documented emergency.
  • If a family goes over their agreement hours in any given month, they will be billed on the following bill cycle for any care in excess of their agreement. All tuition fees are non-refundable.
  • There are days when we will have to close due to hazardous weather or other emergency situations. There will be no credits on tuition given for these closures. Any needed school days will be added back to the calendar to compensate for lost days and will operate on those same days to compensate for lost care (refer back to the tuition averaging policy).
  • Tuition is not subject to discounts or refunds for unscheduled family vacations (please see deadlines and schedule adjustment policies), or extended absences other than hospitalization, contagious illness, or at the request of a physician (for three or more days).
  • Checks, Credit and/or Debit Card payments that are returned unpaid will incur a $35 non-refundable fee.