Natalie Dinsfriend

Music Teacher


Natalie Dinsfriend is passionate about serving students in a way that releases their personal growth and causes them to step out in faith and the God-given confidence in who they are. She loves how music can be a powerful tool for many students to be inspired, to feel the healing love of Jesus, and to explore the depths of emotion in worship. She enjoys incorporating rhythm, movement, and a variety of instruments in addition to learning vocal fundamentals and harmony. She also enjoys creating a culture of humor, teamwork, and comradery among her students.

Mrs. Dinsfriend grew up in a musical home and has been songwriting and leading worship/praise since she was able to talk. She hopes to cultivate an environment where students feel safe enough to take a risk, step out on a limb, and learn how to lead others in their uniquely given gifts and talents.

When not teaching music or chapel at CFCA, you may find Mrs. Dinsfriend exploring the wooded trails with her three boys (a.k.a searching for “Bigfoot”), finding delicious new restaurants in town with her husband (Mr. Dinsfriend), laughing at News blooper reels, or songwriting at her piano (but more likely just cleaning up the most outrageous messes that her littlest son makes). In addition to sharing her home with four human males, she also has a dog, two bearded dragons, and a fish tank full of fish that only her children can name.