Security + Supervision

City First Christian Academy approaches student security and supervision with an understanding that our awareness of student safety at all times is nothing less than a divine purpose. Our doors remain locked during school hours, and visitors must check in at the office upon arrival. Student supervision encompasses all student activity, from drop-off to pick-up. Our student supervision policy is an extension of its school safety philosophy: Ensure student well-being in all places, at all times.

  • Before school: Students join in before-school care rooms while staff worship takes place elsewhere. Students remain there until they are released to appropriate classrooms.
  • After school: Staff members provide afternoon supervision, recording time spent with parent signatures authorizing release from after-school care.
  • In the hallways: An adult is always aware of student movement in each of the school’s hallways. This includes on the way to restrooms, while delivering messages to adults in other parts of the building and while students use the drinking fountain.
  • In the gymnasium: Students are not permitted in the gym unless there is adult supervision.
  • On the playground or elsewhere outside the building: Students are always under staff supervision.
  • Additional Security Measures: We use security cameras, have gates locked at all times, and practice emergency drills monthly. Additionally, we have received information from private security consultants and have made several updates based on their recommendations.